Homescholing Tips Due Coronavirus Outbreak

Due the coronavirus outbreak, all activities are stopped and continue all the work at home without exception for study and learning needs. Every schools have a legal obligation to provide equitable learning opportunities and it can be hard for schools to guarantee access to necessary hardware like laptops and WiFi for all students. So some are confining themselves to handing out optional enrichment lessons.

And if you are one of the tens of millions of parents who are now essentially home schooling your kids, we have some tips to help you keep your kids engaged and everyone sane.

Here’s the tips that you can try for your child better learning:


  1. You have to know your kids

Strong learners can do even better independently, but weaker learners may really struggle. Different kids will do best in different learning environments. If your child learns better in groups, try a Zoom study session with a fellow classmate. The older kids are, the longer they may be able to work on their own. And remember, resources are going to become available slowly for students who need them — you may not have to do this all by yourself.


  1. Good time for passion projects

Ana Homayoun, an educational coach for students in the Bay Area, says this is a good time for kids to pursue interests they haven’t had time to focus on in the past. It could be cooking, building in Minecraft, or drawing. Bonus: If it’s something they’re truly interested in, you won’t have to bug them to do it.


  1. Set up designated space and time for learning

Same goes for time. While it’s good to have a general daily routine, you can also be flexible. It’s OK to let your kids sleep in a little later than usual — research shows many of our children and teens are chronically sleep-deprived. Plus, most homeschoolers don’t teach seven hours straight a day. Shoot for two to four good academic hours instead. And don’t forget to get outside — learning happens outdoors too.


  1. Be forgiving yourseld and your kid

This is a very stressful time. If you need to put on a movie to get through the day, that’s absolutely fine. Homayoun says, “You don’t have to home school if it’s really going to cause severe emotional distress for everyone involved. And I think that’s really important for parents to hear right now because we all feel so much personal pressure.”

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