About Us

Tutee Learning

A team of dedicated teachers that are all graduates with years of teaching experience. We are experts in the IBDP syllabus having been former candidates ourselves, we relate with students and deliver results.

  • Our tutors have at least a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience
  • Our tutors are all university graduates
  • Our tutors are former top IB students and scholars
  • Outstanding track record in delivering top grades

Why Tutee?

Our Results

IB results for 2018

  • Tutee’s average points= 42.19
  • Singapore’s average points= 38.49
  • Global average points= 28.58


A level results

  • 96% of our students score A1 or A2 grades

IB results for 2019

  • Tutee’s average points= 41.87
  • Singapore’s average points= 39.99
  • Global average points= 29.52

Our Approach