Frequently Asked Questions

Why us?

At tutee, we believe that the needs of our students come first. We are a team of dedicated tutors who have curated our in house curriculum, providing all the materials for our tutees to excel.


Tutee’s recipe for success means that our class structure is a mixture of 30% Theory, 70% Application. A proven method to ensure that students are not only knowledgeable, but most importantly they are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to ace their examinations.



Class Duration and Class Size

Our class duration ranges from 90 minutes (1.5h) to 120 minutes (2h). Our class sizes usually do not exceed 7 people.



Do Your Provide Consultations for EEs, IAs, TOK?

Yes! At tutee, we provide one to one consultations for EEs, IAs, and TOK.



Cancellation Policy

We understand that as former students ourselves, last minute activities might crop up in school. We accept cancellations so long as you inform the tutor at least 24 hours in advance.


Be a responsible tutee for your tutor! Failure to inform your tutor at least 24 hours in advance may result in being charged for the cancelled lesson especially for repeated cancellations.



Payment Details

Payment will be made at the end of each month. Payment can either be made through Cheque, Internet Bank Transfer, or Cash.



Registration Fee

There will be a one time registration fee of $50 upon signing up.