Experienced IGCSE and IB Tutors



If you have a job that demands transfer at any corner of the world, then studies of your kids would get affected. So, to avoid such cases, you need to take admission in the schools that provide IB or IGCSE board which is available worldwide. Thus, your kids would not suffer from the problem of frequent change in syllabus and exam patterns. However, the number of schools for these boards is less, along with fewer teachers. So, it would be tough for the students to understand some concepts to the fullest.

So, in such cases, you can opt for Tutee Learning classes that provide dedicated IB tutors in Singapore. Apart from having the best tutors, the main advantage is the time that they give to the students when they have doubts. Furthermore, they have experienced IGSCE and IB tutors who have a minimum of 3 years of experience. It is on the top IB preparation center in Singapore with the best tutors. So, the parents would not have to worry about keeping their kid’s IB boards because they have more knowledgeable tutors in the course.

The tutors focus on designing the curriculum that is based on 70 % practical and 30 % theory. So, the practicals keep the students attracted to the studies, and the students would learn with interest. Also, the duration of the class is 90 to 120 minutes, with a maximum of 7 students. So, the small size would help in giving equal attention to all the students for clearing their doubts. Furthermore, they have a simple cancellation policy in case of an emergency. The students can cancel their classes, but they have to inform them 24 hours before their class. Thus, the natural process helps in improving the overall performance of the students and tutors both.